Midstream Solutions


Zechstein Midstream provides core midstream solutions to exploration and production companies as well as to integrated energy companies. Our services include oil, gas and condensate gathering, processing, compression services and fractionation.

We offer superior customer service, aligning with producers’ needs and schedules, providing flexible and custom midstream solutions, and executing in a timely, safe and efficient way.

Our focus is on developing strong, collaborative relationships with producers to allow them access to the needed infrastructure in alignment with their business objectives and drilling plans.

In addition to bespoke nitrogen rejection solutions, Zechstein Midstream is able to purchase existing midstream infrastructure thereby allowing the current owner to take full advantage of continued access to takeaway capacity while deleveraging balance sheets and allowing capital to be refocused onto other internal projects.


Gathering natural gas consists of aggregating natural gas produced from various wells through smaller diameter gathering lines and transporting the volumes to processing plants. Natural gas has a widely varying composition depending on the field, the formation and the reservoir from which it is produced. 

The gathering of crude oil consists of aggregating crude oil production primarily through gathering pipeline systems, which deliver crude oil to a combination of other pipelines, rail and truck.


Processing natural gas consists of the extraction of imbedded NGLs and the removal of water vapor and other contaminants to form (i) a stream of marketable natural gas, commonly referred to as residue gas, and (ii) a stream of mixed NGLs. 

Once processed, the residue gas is transported to markets through pipelines that are owned by third parties. End-users of residue gas include large commercial and industrial customers, as well as natural gas and electric utilities serving individual consumers. 


Compression Services include the design, construction, ownership and operation of natural gas compression facilities for both low and high pressure natural gas gathering pipelines from the wellhead to a point of interconnect with a mainline transmission company. 


Depending upon the natural gas composition, the further fractionation of mixed NGL streams may be possible. Fractionation facilities process mixed NGL streams into purity products including ethane, propane, normal butane, isobutene, and natural gasoline.