We bring a unique focus to the midstream sector in Europe.


We provide independent service based gas gathering, processing and related infrastructure to natural gas producers. Our background in midstream services in the United States provides us the experience to offer this as an independent service across European markets.


Our Philosophy 


We believe that indigenous production can be enhanced in Europe by accessing nitrogen rich fields that have been shut in due to either their location, their size, or their gas composition. Through the efficient rejection of nitrogen, using innovative technology processes, Zechstein can make the production of gas from these fields economically attractive.


Our Approach


We offer state of the art adsorbents that provide ground-breaking adsorption and desorption performance when applied in pressure swing or temperature swing regeneration processes. This solution offers new opportunities to producers to develop fields that are considered too high cost to operate or to develop.


Our Technology


We use state of the art resins as our media coupled with well-known pressure swing adsorption technology to produce high calorific value natural gas from high nitrogen inlet streams. The resulting vent streams, depending on the actual process design, can contain only trace hydrocarbons thereby meeting or exceeding all current and proposed European emission standards.


Our Business Model


We focus on making our technologies available under a service model that allows for integration into the producer’s operations. This integration ensures that day to day operation is undertaken in close cooperation with the producer. Solutions can be tailored to the needs and preferences of the producer, allowing both parties to focus on their respective strengths.